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Thaemine the First

Clear the original—and hardest—difficulty of the Thaemine Legion Raid.

The top 10 teams earn a spot on the leaderboard and a suite of in-game rewards.

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Ancient Power

Transcendence Gear Progression System

Increase your damage and defense with Transcendence Materials you earn in the Thaemine Legion Raid.

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New Skins

Available Now

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Dark Side of the Moon

Every now and then do you get a little bit restless and dream of something wild? Well, turn around and feast your bright eyes on these new Skins. Choose between Illusion and Esteemed Lunar Eclipse Skins and show off your light or dark sides.

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Determined Vow

A full commitment is what you’ll be thinking of in these Promise and Blessing Skins. Black coat and tails and a white draped dress will never let you down. Equip these skins today and we bet you’ll never want to give them up.

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Starter packs

Essential Starter Pack items including a silver chest, silver coins, blue crystals, and a white feather.
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800 Crystal Bundle
Crystalline Aura (30 days)
Additional Items
2 items
Premium Starter Pack including a green chest, a black chest, piles of jewels, cards, and an ornate silver chest with a gilded lion.
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1000 Crystal Bundle
Crystalline Aura (60 days)
Premium Starter Item Chest
8 items
Premium Starter Honing Material Chest
8 items
Ultimate Starter Pack items including a winged lion, a purple and gold chest with coins and jewels piled beside it, and a man and woman wearing formal wear.
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2000 Crystal Bundle
Crystalline Aura (90 days)
Ultimate Starter Item Chest
9 items
Ultimate Starter Honing Material Chest
8 items
Additional Items
4 items
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New to Lost Ark?

Your Odyssey Awaits

Immerse yourself in a vast and epic world of action-adventure. Explore Arkesia where you’ll discover lost treasures, unlock ancient mysteries, and engage in thrilling combat in this action-packed free-to-play RPG.

Triptych featuring Lost Ark Specialist Class, Warrior Class, and Aeromancer
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Game Classes

Explore a diverse, ever-expanding roster of classes with unique abilities and play styles offering exciting new experiences.

A character with a sword sprints toward a large dragon-like beast with an open mouth.
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About Lost Ark

Experience an action-packed fantasy MMORPG that takes players on epic adventures with thrilling combat and captivating quests.

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